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Why interest-only loans are being restricted in Australia
Australian lenders are tightening credit policies for interest-only loans ... they currently represent 37.4% of all residential term loans ...

Loan qualification is becoming harder
Why is it getting harder and harder to make a loan application? What do you need to do to obtain a loan for a home or a residential investment property?

Fink’s Folly

There is (almost) no consumer protection for business loans

Why missing a credit card payment makes it harder to qualify for a property loan
Pay a credit card or home loan more than 14 days late after the due date, and the missed payment will be recorded as a black mark against your name on your personal credit file.

Mortgage Brokers Bulletin Board
Not all Mortgage Brokers are created equal, and not all deliver the best loan offer for your needs that is available in the marketplace. It is my pleasure to provide...

Do you need credit repair or debt consolidation? Is it best to use a firm or do it yourself?
Once a year, I order my free credit report from Veda, which holds a data bank of about 10 million Australian credit files. 3 out of 10 Australians who order their credit report have needed to do so.

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