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The news is all bad for Timbercorp investors

Timbercorp investors lost their investments when Timbercorp collapsed in April 2009.

But the investors did not lose their liability to repay their loans with Timbercorp Finance. The loans remained due and payable with interest.

For a while, KordaMentha who were appointed receivers of Timbercorp Finance took no recovery action, as they waited for an investor class action to be concluded.

Then, when the class action failed, they took recovery action, but were stayed pending a High Court Appeal which found that the investors could still defend the recovery claims.

But now, the Supreme Court of Victoria has shut the door on those defences, and the investors will have no choice but to pay up or go bankrupt.

For my case note, click Timbercorp investors have failed in their ‘no loan’ defences to loan recovery claims


Good news at last for Great Southern Plantations Investors - Bendigo Bank loan recovery claims can be beaten!

Not a lot has gone right for investors in the 43 Agricultural Investment Schemes promoted by the Great Southern Plantations Group between 1998 and 2008.

They invested in timber, beef cattle, wine grapes, almond and olive projects. Yes, their investment was tax driven - the money invested was tax deductible immediately. But it was also an investment - they expected to receive their money back and good profits on their investment over the 10 to 12 year term of the project.

Many investors used borrowed money to fund their investment. They took out a loan from Great Southern Finance (another group company), which then on-sold their loan to the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. Click for more

Is a caveat good security for an investor in a property development?
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How property developers can profit from using vendor finance.
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Two Property Developers hit the wall – after clutching at straws to forestall possession orders on their properties
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Joint Ventures for Real Estate Investment and Development
If two people combine their knowledge and their money in a property venture, they will often achieve more as partners than they would achieve on their own. Click for more

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