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Mortgage Broker Bulletin Board

Not all Mortgage Brokers are created equal, and not all deliver the best loan offer for your needs that is available in the marketplace.

So it is my pleasure to provide a list of mortgage brokers who I work with, who will work with you, to deliver the best loan offer for your needs that is available.


Residential loans

Felicity Heffernan  PH: 1800 146 637

Who am I? I have had over 20 years banking and finance. I operated a property investment business for 10 years and purchased 151 properties and on sold them with vendor finance. I currently operate a mortgage broking firm that works specifically with investors to help them grow their property portfolio.

What can I do for you? If you are a first time investor or a seasoned professional investor you will appreciate and value our depth of knowledge on lending for property investment. There is nothing like the comfort factor of working with someone who has walked the challenging and sometimes difficult path of the investor. What I can do for you is focus on you getting best possible lending solution for either cash flow properties, capital growth properties or both.

PJ (Phillip) Patterson -  Mob 0411680 978

Who am I? I am a financial problem solver having been in business for 14 yrs. I specialize in working with vendor finance and have serviced this market for over 10 yrs. I have extensive experience working with investor clients to properly structure and help grow their property portfolio. I also hold licences in Real Estate and Financial Planning which gives me a very unique capability in advising clients.

What can I do for you? I can arrange any type of finance you may require and I specialize in working with investor clients. I have extensive experience with all residential lending. I further specialize in helping SME’s with their business lending needs.

Kevin Wheatley  02-83552017

Who am I? Bayside Commercial & Residential Mortgages

What can I do for you? We have access to over 80 lenders on our panel. We have residential fixed rates starting from 4.24% LVR up to 97% inclusive of LMI; Professional packages 90% nil LMI; 30 year terms regardless of age; Cash out facilities; bridging finance; private funding for non-conforming borrowers; we can fund 1 day discharged Bankrupts; debt consolidation including ATO debt; specialist in SMSF investment funding; family pledge loans; Marital splits up-to 95% including LMI. Bayside residential can save you thousands of dollars by explaining what the banks won’t tell you.

Taylor Chang -  Mob 0414 691 517

Who am I? I am part of the Reginsun Group, a group of professionals with combined experience for more than 50 years in banking, brokerage, financial service and fund management field. We can SAVE you MONEY and TIME !

What can I do for you? I can help if you are buying a new ⁄ first home, an investment property, refinance an existing loan, buying a business, or getting a development project started, you need a lending solution.


Commercial Loans

John Macalyk -  Mob 0418 253 573

Who am I? AAA Commercial Mortgages I’ve been opening doors for Business people to obtain finance since 1988. I’m a founding member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia: member no 5.

What do I do? I help people who want to buy a factory office or shop, including a whole shopping centre; to build a house, factory etc. People who had a problem getting the right Finance, for whatever reason. My clients (over 5,000 ) call me “THE PROBLEM SOLVER”

Kevin Wheatley  Mob 0407 925 956

Who am I? Bayside Commercial & Residential Mortgages

What can I do for you? Bayside Commercial Mortgages offer alternative financial and Logistic solutions not only in Australia, we now have registered offices in Bangkok, Singapore and Christchurch NZ. We offer a professional one stop shop for all of our clients who require assistance with all aspects of finance, financial planning, mergers, acquisitions, insurance, administration, legal and supply chain management / International trade. We have a solution for every scenario.

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